Richard Cobb Featured on NBC News


Richard Cobb, post-doc with David Rizzo, is leading a study aimed at developing restoration treatments for forests degraded by sudden oak death. Like other invasive species, forest pathogens damage the resources provided by forests. These impacts include reduced water quality and carbon sequestration as well as increased fuel loading and fire risk. Along with managers at the Marin Municipal Water District, Susan Frankel at the US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station, and Pete Hartsough (UC Davis – LAWR) Cobb and Rizzo are designing treatments that simultaneously improve water, carbon storage, and reduce fire risk.

“This is a really cool collaboration, we’re working directly with managers and operations crews to learn about the ecology of these forests. At the same time we’re finding cost effective ways to deal with disease impacts,” said Cobb during an interview with NBC Bay Area reporter Mark Mathews. “Its a mistake to ignore these forest simply because they are already invaded by Phytophothora ramorum, the pathogen that causes Sudden Oak Death. The disease has created hazardous fuels conditions and we need to understand how to deal with this in the context of continued disease.”

The study uses 30 acres of experimental treatments along with pre and post treatment measurements and operational costs to develop a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis. Over the next three years Cobb and colleagues will conduct a detailed assessment of changes in carbon sequestration, water quality, and reestablishment of overstory trees. An experimental planting with Sudden Oak Death resistant trees will be conducted in half of the study area during fall 2015. Within the water district well over 10,000 acres have been impacted by the disease but hundreds of thousands of acres have been similarly impacted by the disease in coastal California. This study will help understand the trade-offs wrapped up in management of these forests across a broad area.


See the full story and video on NBC’s website

Susan Moenga receives USAID Fellowship!


Susan Moenga, a Plant Biology Grad Group student and member of Doug Cook’s lab, has just received a USAID graduate school fellowship that will cover the majority of her costs for 4 years. Michigan State, which runs the fellowship program, has granted Susan this fellowship. Congrats, Susan!

Jastro-Shields Awardees

Congrats to department members Stephen Joseph Bolus, Wenjie Qiao, Kellee Heather Britt, Li-Hung Chen, Robin Choudhury, Kelley Rose Paugh, Abbie Seidle, Sandra Mosquera, and Lorena Beatriz Parra for becoming the Jastro-Shields Awardees!

Plant Pathology Graduate Student Awards for 2015

Congratulations to the awardee of the Plant Pathology Graduate Student Awards for 2015.

Rick Bostock, chair of the Awards Committee for the Department of Plant Pathology, is pictured with both groups of winners. Thank you to Rick and as well as the entire Award Committee for their time and effort.

Graduate Student Research Assistantships
Help me congratulate (from left to right):

  • Li-Hung Chen – The Hewitt GSR
  • Brittany Pierce – The Hewitt GSR
  • Wenjie Qiao – The Hewitt GSR
  • Sara Robinson – The Thompson GSR
  • Kelley Paugh – The Thompson GSR

Graduate Student Research Assistantships Awardees


The Travel Awards
Help me congratulate (from left to right, top row first):

  • Wenjie Qiao – The Schneider
  • Abbie Seidle – The English-Butler
  • Sara Robinson – The Leach
  • Kelly Paugh – The Leach
  • Betsy Alford – The DeVay
  • Isaac Greenhut – The Thompson
  • Robin Choudhury – The DeVay
2015_Travel awards

Travel Awardees

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