Wellness Event: Circadian Timing Is Everything: From a Good Night’s Sleep to Minimizing Insecticide Use

All living things on our planet, from bacteria to humans, organize their daily activities around the perpetuating 24-hour day-night cycles, the result of earth rotating on its own axis and orbiting around the sun. In order for organisms to anticipate predictable variations in their environment that naturally occurs over the 24-hour cycle and coordinate their physiology and behavior to perform at their best, they rely on an internal biological clock. At the science cafe presentation, I will discuss how this internal clock, termed the circadian clock, affects many important aspects of our lives, including the timing of when we feel tired and want to go to bed, the time-of-day our immune systems are most susceptible to pathogen attack, and even when medicines should be taken to give you “the most bang for your buck”. In addition, I will discuss the consequences of when the circadian clock is “broken” or “off-kilter” because of diseases, work-schedule, jetlag, and light pollution.


Please join us for our monthly wellness event led by Joanna Chiu. You are welcome to bring your lunch.




Updated: May 18, 2017 — 11:33 am
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